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Diabetes Art Day

Lee Ann over at The Butter Compartment has declared September first, Diabetes Art Day. What an awesome concept! What’s bothered me for some time is the amount of waste we generate with infusion sites and test strips and plastic wrapping … Continue reading

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Flying high with Diabetes

As anyone that has traveled knows, flying with kids can be tricky at best. We won’t even get into the time my oldest hooked his then size 12′s (now progressed to a 13) on a jetway and tripped, breaking both … Continue reading

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Don’t touch that lemonade!

I truly wish Hannah didn’t like lemonade as much as she does. It’s not carb friendly, especially when you’re in a restaurant and they wheel out this giganatic glass filled with ice and sugary goodness. So there we sit last … Continue reading

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An introduction

Hi, my name is Laurel and I’m the mom to two wonderful (most days) children. The spawnlings domain was purchased years ago and has over the years, gone from a place to post pictures of the kids for family to … Continue reading

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