Of cinnamon and herbs.

I told Hannah the other night that I was sorry, she could have been cured by now but I’m obviously a rotten mother. According to the email I received from Prevention Magazine, if I had just given her the right combination of herbs I could have regenerated her pancreas and have it kicking out insulin once again.

What about the cinnamon? Or the avoid all sugar at all costs diet, even in fruit? How do I do this, are you supposed to arrange the herbs around her and light them on fire while sprinkling cinnamon on her head all while chanting to a full moon?

I could let this stuff depress me but honestly, I don’t have time. Between work  and school and playing artificial pancreas to an incredibly active and increasingly more independent soon to be 12 year old, I just can’t find the time to care.

But occasionally, I lose that battle and I get mad and I get upset. I don’t always want to advocate and am tired of explaining once again but I understand that people are desperate to believe. We’re a society of take a pill and it’ll make it all better type of people. Medication has it’s place, we all know that but there is no magic cure. When we finally do have a cure, it’s not going to just poof out because some hiker discovered an odd looking plant in the desert and ate it, it’s going to be born from research and testing and clinical trials with proof of more than just one person with positive results.

I refuse to give up hope. I teach my daughter to manage her health and her care. We listen to our doctors and I read and research. I revel in every improvement we are granted that will improve her quality of life and I allow myself to hope that someday we’ll add Diabetes to the list of diseases that we have eradicated.

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  1. Bob P says:

    Yes: progress comes out of sound science. Even when the source is bizarre – the T2 drug Byetta is called “lizard spit” for excellent reasons – we’re not going to first hear about it from someone trying to sell it to us.

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  3. Ruby says:

    Excellent job Laurel! Very well written. Keep it up; it’s not ‘all for naught’. :)

  4. Ruby says:

    Oh yeah, and I especially like the gummy bears!

  5. Laurel says:

    Yay, Ruby’s here! Thank you!

    Bob, I totally agree, thank you for commenting.

  6. tsanko says:

    Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  7. Laurel says:

    Thank you Tsanko, comments like these keep me going!

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