Can we count on you?

A member of our local JDRF chapter forwarded this video out to our mailing list this morning and I will admit to tearing up at work while I watched it.

It is so hard to explain to parents whose children don’t have diabetes, don’t have any type of chronic issue that causes concern beyond the normal broken bones, colds and flu that affect every child, everywhere. Remember when they were babies and you’d listen intently on the baby monitor for sounds of breathing? Sneak into their rooms and lay a hand upon their tiny body, warm from sleep, waiting for that reassuring movement that they were still breathing?

For us, that phase never passes.

Every night I worry and I check. This is why I can’t fathom not doing 2am checks. I’m trying to get it into her head that when she wakes up in the middle of the night, check her BG. Sometimes, you just have to pee. Sometimes, you’re just thirsty. For our kids and for adults with Diabetes, more often than not it is indicitive of a larger problem.

If I could take it away, I would. I would lift the concern, the fear and the worry and place it square on my shoulders for me and me alone. Let her be a kid, let her only concerns right now be school and band, fighting with her brother and playing with her cat.

But I can’t. I can however, teach her to be strong and smart. To advocate and to face this monster full on, fight it and eventually, hopefully be able to say…yeah, I used to be a diabetic, but they found a cure.

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  1. I am amazed that we, as a society, cannot find a cure or better long-term treatment for this disease.

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