NaBloPoMo kick off

A post a day during the month of November.

No biggie…right? It is not only a biggie, it’s downright intimidating.

This is it, my kick off to NaBloPoMo and my personal promise to do my best to update on a daily basis no matter how many times I second guess what I type. I’m kind of good at that actually, the second guessing part so I feel this will be good for me, good for the blog and hopefully good for the blogosphere in general.

It’s late as I write this, almost 1 am to be exact. Hannah did her trick or treating earlier with a girl friend and managed her diabetes on the run as well as could be expected tonight. She even compensated for all the running around by giving herself a small treat without bolusing at the Fire Department’s open house and clocked in at 129 mg/dL when she got home. Bolused for pizza and a few pieces of candy and within 2 hours had dropped like a rock to 52 mg/dL. It took a half an hour to get her to 116 mg/dL and I’m staying up, waiting on that lovely rebound that is sure to happen long about 2 am.

And they wonder why I stagger into work some mornings, eyes glazed over as I trudge for the coffee pot?

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