That thud you heard?

Was me, falling off the wagon. I started the month out with the grandest of intentions but I just couldn’t keep up over the weekend with a post a day.

Which gives me guilt because I whine about typing a little bit every day (it’s more like whining about being creative, the typing is the easy part) and Hannah just keeps doing what she does without any break whatsoever.

I have no right to complain so I’m going to suck it up and keep on posting for the two people that read this. My mother and my lawyer…ya gotta love that.

Today was a balancing act that started about 2am while she was still at her dad’s with a phone call that her BG was 395 mg/dL. Correct and wake up at 250 mg/dL. Text from Hannah mid morning at school, she’s clocked in at 410 mg/dL

Awesome. Her text is muddled, you can tell she’s not feeling right. A site is changed and shot administered. Next text tells me it hurt so bad she cried.

(Hannah wants to have a chat with, Ms. Kern and explain to her about the cluster of nerves laying just below the surface of the skin and how the odds play themselves out every time you start poking at yourself with sharp things.)

Anyway, I digress.

I pick her up from school and bring her back to work with me so I can monitor her myself. She didn’t drop that fast this afternoon and spent most of the day feeling, in her words, barfy. Ketones, upset tummy and high numbers. Hate it when we hit the trifecta.

We come home and I went ahead with the planned dinner of spaghetti and Hannah was feeling well enough to spend some time outside burning off energy with her Skipit.

Took herself right down to a 49 mg/dL. After spaghetti!!  Not frustrated. Not one bit.

Sent her to bed at 10:30 with a BG of 98 mg/dL and I’ll be doing rounds at midnight and two am to stave off the inevitable rebound.

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