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6 Things I’d Like People To Know About Diabetes

It’s DBlogDay and this year’s topic is 6 Things Hannah and I’d Like People To Know About Diabetes. 1. Hannah would like every non-diabetic kid to know that just because she gets to carry gummy bears around and eat them … Continue reading

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Election day ramblings

Voting stresses me out. I never feel that I know enough about a candidate and bluntly, I don’t believe half of what they spew to the media anyway. As far as I’m concerned, voting is the best example of choosing … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo kick off

A post a day during the month of November. No biggie…right? It is not only a biggie, it’s downright intimidating. This is it, my kick off to NaBloPoMo and my personal promise to do my best to update on a … Continue reading

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