Why Spawnlings?

Because I’ve always referred to them as my spawnlings. I spawned them, hence they are my spawnlings. I’ve owned this domain for a long time and always had the best of intentions with it. Family blog, pictures etc.

Binky babe and blankie boy

This picture started it all. Seems like a million years ago and it practically was. A different house and right about 9 years ago.

Sadly, it never took off, life always kind of got in the way but now, with Hannah’s diagnosis it seems more important than ever that life gets documented. I’ve received so much help and support from people in the DOC that don’t even know they gave it to me. Just the simple act of their posting on a blog or a random forum with their experiences helped me through another day at times.

I hope this is our chance to give back, that this blog will reach out to others as all of yours have reached out to me.

Thank you!

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